Obsessed With Antiques?

Lose yourself in our antique shop in Potterville, MI

These nostalgic pieces are reminiscent of simpler times and hold a wealth of stories. If you value antiques as much as we do, you'll love visiting Saturday's Shoppe in Potterville, MI. We have a unique inventory of items that are bound to spark your interest.

Venture back in time and appreciate the beauty of delicate antiques. Call now to get directions to our antique store.

Discover our wide variety of antiques

Discover our wide variety of antiques

We're proud to have a large inventory of items from Potterville, MI and beyond. Unearth antiques from diverse regions and different time periods. You may stumble across hidden gems like:

  • Antique furniture
  • Fine china
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Retro pottery
  • Quaint glassware

We suggest heading straight for the vintage jewelry! You're sure to find a unique item that'll complement your favorite outfit.

Visit our Gallery page to see our inventory of unique items in Potterville, MI.